American Fence and Gate, LLC:

5 years on all steel and aluminum, no matter who manufactures the material.

All Materials are guaranteed for 12 Months of original installation to original purchaser. During this 12 month period, if it is determined that the fence construction is defective due to improper workmanship, American Fence & Gate LLC will correct such defects at no cost to the customer. Workmanship is defined as the manor in which company employees of contractors utilized material in order to construct fence project.

Wood warranty is null and void if stain or protective sealant is not applied within 90 days of installation.

We do not warranty labor and materials due to Acts of God, such as flooding, shifting of soil, tornadoes, trees falling on fences, etc.

No repairs to fencing installed by another company unless estimate is a minimum of $1000



What a Summer! We have built new relationships with customers and vendors. Our capabilities are better than ever. We are very proud of our new gates and gate operating systems.

To our existing customers, you know how we cared for your project and we look forward to doing the same for your families, neighbors and friends.

To anyone looking for great customer service and a great finished project, just check out our customer reference list.

If you have experience building quality fences and don’t mind working under close supervision until you have proven yourself, send us your information.

We are always looking for the Best Talent.